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An Immersive Learning application that helps your child learn beyond books

How might we encourage “Out of syllabus” subjects and provide imprinted experiences that help kids build early career hobbies by learning and exploring through an interactive medium


App Design






Mentor :

Shawn Sprockett


3 weeks


The Challenge

  “I want to be an Astronaut when I grow up”

Every child is exposed to the novel experiences of the outside world that intrigue them to their fullest. From the wild and marine creatures deep down in the oceans, to the stars and planets high up in the sky.

But what next?
When they enter schools and institutions, they touch base on these topics but provide absolutely no experiential or heavy knowledge about these subjects that could possibly become a potential unique career choice when they grow up.

Opportunity area

Gaze intends to encourage “out of syllabus” learning for kids, so as to develop a keen curiosity of unique domains through interactive learning and technologies to elevate their experience

Competition Analysis

     User Experience

  • Intuitive navigation

  • Smooth animations


  • Encyclopedia

  • Interactive elements

  • 3D view

  • Sound

  • Gallery

User Study

Primary and Secondary user

Intuitive elements
Younger audience like to have constant interaction with the elements on the screen
Moving Images
Moving images were attractive and generated more interest for our audience than static images
Real Imagery
Real imagery attracted both our primary and the secondary audience as it detailed authenticity of the learning material and gave more precise details
User Control
Both the audience prefer a sort of a control over the application in terms of what they learn as well as how they use the application wisely
Introducing the power of Intuitive learning through moving images and Augmented Reality to educate kids through theme based learnings.
Business Strategy
Reward System
Providing a reward strategy that unlocks themes can become an incentive for the users to entail monthly usage
Mixed Media
Provide physical resources and provide mixed media interactions through the application
Monthly Subscription
Monthly subscription model that introduces new themes every month.
Product's Unique selling points
Brand Values
This product focuses on two main audiences that attracts a varied set of values. Thus, a combination of those values can create a systemic product that can enable a good user experience to all.
Feature Brainstorm
User Flow
Visual Style
Style Guide
Personal Dashboard

Kids dashboard to access profile, change themes, navigate to games and activities and attempt a daily challenge

Parent login

Parents get a login access for this application and have parental control over certain settings on the application

Theme of the Month

Introducing the theme of the month that gives a gist of what to expect before they commit to the application. Every month a new theme is released and they can be accessed inside the app

Interactive reading material where the kids have digital tools to communicate with the elements on the screen such as slice the planet to see the inside layers.
  • No lengthy texts
  • Factual information
Augmented Reality
Convert your room into a new planet and let your camera be your eyes. Move the camera 360 degree to view the planet terrain and find the objects
gaze cover.gif

The solution

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Like what you see?

Then let's connect and create our own space together!

Kriti Gohil © 2022


A narrative in the product can benefit audience to understand better and gain more value out of it. Especially interactive learning portals could leverage storytelling to attract the younger audience

Storytelling enhances experience

As I focused on making my screens look immersive, I realized they are mostly based on ones perception and the state of mind. Especially for kids, immersive is a concept still novel. Their main attraction is to large scale moving images

Immersive is a feeling

Less is more

Making interactive learning is always a fascinating breakthrough. But there is a limit to interactions that add value to a product, especially when targeting an audience that explores technology and can get easily distracted from the main intention


B2B pitch idea

Digital learning brands are already breaking norms of traditional in-school learning and thus can inculcate this idea of out of syllabus topics

Explore mixed media interactions

Explore physical elements with app to make an interactive mixed media learning for active kids

Validate Parental setup

Work more on leveraging parental control and updates to track child's progress


An Immersive learning application that helps a child learn beyond books


App Design






Mentor :




3 weeks


Collaborated with other designer

I would develop enhanced game interactions and visualize more themes

Additional time

I would definitely build a more cohesive experience to integrate haptic features and device configurations to make the learning more immersive

More Budget

I would work on leveraging physical components that can enhance the experience by sending customized packages to each member

This project was solely made with the purpose of exploring immersive visuals and layouts.

But... everything needs a backstory

So I could validate the making of an interactive application that encouraged unique learning through intuitive visuals and challenges 

gaze solu.png


Interactive application that encourages "out of syllabus" learning through immersive visuals

Personal Project @CCA

App Design    |    Visual Design    |    UI/UX





Kriti Gohil

Problem Research
Wire framing

Visual Design




3 weeks

For the love of Space

Group 154.png


Explore topics beyond books

Encourage and introduce unique career interests

Imbibe early learning and exploring 

Exploratory Topics
Series of exploratory topics that attract the young audience in its simplest form but can eventually bloom into a prospectus career choice


Target Audience
I studied and observed the applications for their interface design as well as the features to find a unique intervention
Visual Inspirations
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