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My name Kriti in Sanskrit means “creation” and is used to reference the work of an artist — Which means my passion for craft and making was apparently already written in the cards for me.

I am a Digital Product Designer, who is obsessed with Space and everything Immersive

Over the last 5 years of my contribution to the industry, I have created products and spaces that amplify institutional functioning and facilitate internal collaboration. Throughout my career, I have also trained and organized monthly UX sessions for new designers and product teams at work while globally mentoring designers on ADPList

In my free time, I put on my headphones, loop my Hans Zimmer music and float away in the world of trance, constantly thinking about the opening of my own immersive studio one day.

My favorite Spotify playlist :  🪐 Floating Through Space 🪐

Please use headphones or the binaural base might break your speakers 👽

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Like what you see?

Then let's connect and create our own space together!

Kriti Gohil © 2022

"Unaesthetic photos because who's got time to pose"

I thrive in fast paced collaborative spaces that encourage collective thinking and peer learning. I believe, my ambivert nature really makes me adaptable and cooperative in team settings.

Additionally, my years of experience as a mentor and my enthusiasm to organize events, helps me understand and work better with people around me.

Some fun explorations I do in my free time including creative coding using Processing and Arduino, Physical prototyping as well as exploring digital and physical mediums of illustrations.

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