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The Challenge

Online learning has already been experiencing rapid growth during the last few years and has become a popular medium of education. When students are not tied to a particular place and moment, education becomes more flexible so students can adjust the pace of their studies.

While it has become a popular mode of learning, it also comes with a lot of challenges. Some features of students’ perception and psychology may also have an impact on the effectiveness of the school’s eLearning program.


Competitive Analysis

This being the first E-learning portal in the Moroccan market, there wasn't a lot of direct competition and in fact gave us good flexibility to brainstorm unique features for the product.

Common color palettes on these sites :

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges for students to progress and learn outside of their textbook learnings 


Interactive exercises designed like a game to engage the audience and make the learning fun

Goal Objective

Unique Selling Points


Socialize with friends with the chat feature and also access to leaderboards to show other students performances and thus keep them motivated to strive for more


My profile and personalized dashboard for each target audience according to their choice of preference


Learning through gaming and interactive exercises


Free trial versions and easy access to choice of subjects and activities in their language preference

SWOT Analysis


Age- 6 - 13 years old

Primary education



Service is available in Morocco




Enthusiastic learners



Information Architecture
Mood boards and Visual Language
Style Guide
Having a style guide helped quickly work on all other dashboards as well as easily handing over to the next designer
Student Dashboard

Personalized Dashboard to view constant progress and encourage learning through visual emphasis


Encourage student learning through peer motivation and rewards

Floating action buttons for intuitive approach and provide easy access to features on every screen

workspace-mockup-imac-template 1.png

Teacher portal 

Sneak peek

I got a chance to brainstorm and execute user research for our secondary audience for the last one month of my work at 3 Minds digital. This helped me perform my first hand user research with a specific set of audience based in Morocco.


As much as you want to explore and dig deeper into concepts, mainstream learning for e-learning products always workout well if not more. But they definitely might not be able to compete with the new products in the industry with all the technological inclusions in learning.

Mainstream always works

This project was solely based for an audience and our client based in Morocco. As we discussed a year long project with multiple audiences involved, our discussions were initially led with a bump due to a lack of common language but the power of creative communication made the process smooth

Language barrier is not a barrier anymore

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Like what you see?

Then let's connect and create our own space together!

Kriti Gohil © 2022


Location filtered data

Currently the product is only available in Morocco and will eventually incorporate scalability and access to everyone across the world

Leverage Technology

Work more on leveraging new technologies that can make learning more inclusive and fun


E-Learning portal for kids that provide imprinted experiences and enhance study


Visual Design






Client :




6 months

Development in progress

E-Learning can be fun

KoolSkools intends to solve Parents and Students problem by discovering a curriculum based study website that provides interactive and intuitive study material for students. It is established as a video based platform for students to help them prepare better through personalized study interactions.

workspace-mockup-imac-template 1.png


Encouraging online learning through intuitive features and peer collaboration

  3 Minds Digital   

Branding    |    Web and App Design    |    UI/UX





Kriti Gohil

Naman Shukla

Tribhuvan Suthar

User Research
Client communication
Wire framing

Visual Design




6 Months

Product link :


Encouraging online learning through intuitive features and peer collaboration

  3 Minds Digital   

Branding    |    Web Design    |    UI/UX





Kriti Gohil

Naman Shukla

Tribhuvan Suthar

User Research
Client communication
Wire framing

Visual Design




6 Months

!Launching in 2023

How might we generate online learning content that creates the same impact as physical learning?

How might we build trust through a digital medium that can assure parents the growth of their children? 

How might we create a brand and a cohesive visual language that can cater to all 4 target audiences?

Client Requirement

Create the first E-Learning brand and website to be launched in Morocco for young kids aged 6-13 years old, which can also be used by parents, teachers and schools through their individual dashboards

8 out of 10 students find the content on E-learning websites to be very moderate and un impactful (Hindawi)

Can you tell us more?

By now, we had a good understanding of what our client really wanted us to do, but we were still not quite convinced as to what was his vision for the product.

So we generated a brief set of questions that could help the client easily articulate his thoughts and help us build the product he visioned for.

Competitor study
Word Brainstorming

Words related to the brief and the theme were brainstormed to determine the components and the attributes of the logo


We explored around 50+ logo forms, with different typefaces, different elements and creative orientations and shortlisted 4 of them.

  Final Identity

This option draws inspiration from colorful magnetic alphabets. The font has been modified keeping the characteristics of the target group. Along with the typographic form, various fun elements have been added to it. For example: Mathematical symbols along with Rocket, Beaker, Atoms etc. This gives a fun and a playful look to the identity as a whole.

Color palette
Stationary design
Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 11.48.13 PM.png


Style Explorations
   Final Subject icons

We did not want the subject icons to be too complicated, but we also wanted it to align with our brand identity and the concept behind it

E-Learning portal

Target Audience

By this time, we were extremely clear on who our audiences were as well as the visioned USP's for the product

Too much detail in icons are usually a no-go, but we were aware of the scalability of these icons. So we explored some elements that could clearly indicate the subject and set a color code to each of them for easy differentiation 

Client Feedback

I love the options but can we make it more detailed like the main logo? And do something that instantly tells me what subject it is

Analysis Insights

By conducting the competitive analysis, we understood the current market trends, user behavior towards similar application, success scores, time on task, users’ subjective ratings, or a scorecard developed to analyze finding and also leading us to mindful questions for our product

What are the biggest strengths of competing designs?

What trends arise across sites – and are they good or bad?

Is there any opportunity to stand out from the competition?

" I want something colorful and intuitive that can immediately connect with the kids"

Research Insights

As an International client, our biggest challenge that prepared us for the post pandemic working is that we had to remote research most of it. Especially when researching for a younger audience, we had to resort most on the observational methods such as using Hotjar tools, shadowing them etc. We observed 9+ students from a different age range and came up with important insights 

Spent more time on visual heavy pages and didn't like too much text

Enjoyed navigating to activities and games from the home page

Did not spend too much time on homework and classroom data because the text made it boring

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Primary Audience

Contents and Features

Too much text, right? That's how much information we had to work and segregate on this student dashboard

A lengthy list of features, which were a combination of clients needs and some that were brainstormed post our research. 

Closed Card Sorting

Card sorting with kids is hard, especially when its remote.

So, we resorted to asking simple questions like " When you open your application, what would you like to do first?" or "How many times would you study a single subject?" and simultaneously arranged our post its to get a fair idea

And, of course we needed some adult audience validation on our Information Architecture
"Wow, it looks intense and I don't understand anything, So i'm sure it's correct"
-  A non-designer
But on a serious note, we got good feedback on the higher level navigational preferences and validated them during our wire framing phase
We performed a wireframe prototype test on web as well as different mobile devices to understand ease of navigation as well as content hierarchy in a mobile approach

What's your visual preference?

As we reached our final stage of setting the visual language, we definitely had a good amount of research as to how the look and feel should be, but we also wanted to know what the clients preferences were.

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 8.05.42 PM.png


Unlock character
Reading list
Landing page 
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